Tuning a 12 String Guitar

Here is yet another interesting video on 12 string guitar. How to tune your 12 string guitar.

Tuning is one of the things you should be concern about on instruments such as guitars. And learning to do it may be handy as you can never get rid of it along the way. Although you can always ask the service of professionals, it would always be great if you can do the tuning of your 12 string guitar on your own.

Tuning a 12 string guitar isn't far from tuning a 6-string guitar. Its just that 12 string guitars have 12 strings.

So, here's the video on how to tune your 12 string guitar. Have fun watching.

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Oscar Schmidt OG312CEB 12 String Dreadnought Acoustic Electric Guitar

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How to Play Minor Pentatonic Scale on the 12 String Guitar

This is yet another 12 string guitar video. however, this time would be learning to play minor pentatonic scale in on your 12 string guitar.

The pentatonic scale means that there are just 5 notes on this scale. And John Armsstrong, the presentor of the video, will walk you through learning how to play this on your 12 string guitar.

Have fun watching while learning 12 string guitar with this video.

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Epiphone DR-212 Acoustic Guitar, 12-String, Natural

Epiphone DR-212  Dreadnought 12-string
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Hohner HC06 Full Sized Classical Nylon String Guitar

Hohner HC06 Full Sized Classical Nylon String Guitar
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Playing Suspended Chords on a 12 String Guitar

This video is basically about 12 string guitar and to be specific, playing suspended chords with the instrument.

In the video is a professional guitar instructor who will show you how to play suspended chords on the 12 string guitar.

Suspended chords produces great melody by means of replacing the root chords depending on the type of suspended chord of your preference. It is one great way to add on to the inherent fantastic tune of 12 string guitar.

Watch the video to learn more on how to play suspended chords on your 12 string guitar.

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